Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hybrid Animals

To get a hybrid animal, two animals from different species, but from the same genus, must be crossed. The resulting animal will be a hybrid.

10: Blood parrot cichlid
The blood parrot cichlid is a cichlid hybrid. It was created in Taiwan 
around 1986, and are produced by cross breeding a Midas cichlid with
a Redhead cichlid or a Red devil cichlid.
9: Zebroids
A Zebroid is the collective name for any zebra hybrids, and comes
about when a male zebra is crossed with a female animal from
the equidae family.
8: Dzo
The Dzo or yakow is a bovine Hybrid, and comes about 
from cross breeding a Yak with a domestic cow. The resulting 
animal is much larger than a cow or a yak, and is thought to be 
much more productive in milk and meat production.
7: Cama
The Cama was created in a laboratory in Dubai, and 
came from breeding a male Dromedary camel with a Lama.
6: Grizzly-Polar bear
The Grizzly-polar bear or Grolar bear has been seen both in captivity 
and in the wild and there are reported sighting of these animals from 
as early as 1964. After running DNA tests, it was established that the 
bear’s mother was a grizzly-polar bear and the father was a grizzly bear.
5: Coywolf
The Coywolf is essentially a Coyote and a wolf hybrid,
that regularly occurs in nature.
4: Savannah cat
Cat is a hybrid of the domestic cat and 
the wild African Serval.
3: Wholphin
The wholphin is an amazing “under the sea” hybrid that comes
from a bottlenose dolphin having a successful pregnancy from a false
killer whale. As its name states, the false killer whale is not a whale, but 
a very large breed of dolphin.
2: Killer bees
Killer bees, or Africanized honey bees, are hybrid mistakes. 
Africanized honey bees are highly aggressive, hence the name
“killer bee”, and are known to move huge distances in massive 
swarms. When they are threatened in any way, they will attack, 
and their attacks came in large numbers. 
1: Liger
The Liger is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger,
thus both its parents are from the Panthera genus, but from different 
species. Ligers are the biggest of all the big cats, growing to almost 
the lion and tigers combined size.

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